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Project Management

As companies grow, either via expanded products or services numerous tactical steps need to be effectively managed to ensure success. 


1 Source Network Solutions offers a lengthy suite of project management services. This includes expansion opportunities, conversion from resale to wholesaler/white list, pricing and costing support, training on new services, commission and related compensation plans, timelines, gant charts, and more.  


Our services can range from weekly monitoring and progress calls to regular on-site management and support services. In most cases, particularly where technology capacity or operational considerations involve third parties (such as RBOC/CLEC Collocation/interconnection), details of the process are far more complicated than anticipated, and One Source Network Solutions reduce market entry time by months saving capex and adding sales revenue given our extensive knowledge of the process requirements.


The ultimate purpose of any evaluation process is to ensure that the best solution with the highest ROI, is implemented to satisfy our customer’s needs.


1 Source Network Solutions ensures that the implementation process is executed from start to finish with minimum disruption to your business. Design, financial development, project scheduling, installation, turn-up and training are all part of the implementation process that our experienced principles and associates manage for you.


One of the top issues affecting organizations today is the ability to care for their customers in an efficient and comprehensive manner. All the "steps along the way" can have an effect, both positively and negatively, on a customer.


One Source Network Solutions can help you make sure that your company has solid footing when caring for your most important assets.We have a wide range of experience in all areas of the OSS process; work flow management, CRM, ordering, provisioning, electronic bonding and gateways, billing, and invoicing just to name a few.


Our practice counsels clients on organizational, operational, and strategic challenges. We serve clients on fundamental issues such as mission and structure, tactical issues including procurement and logistics, and financial decisions about capital investment and cost reduction. We help operating companies maximize investor value through business growth and performance optimization and through restructuring and turnaround support.


We address each phase of a company’s lifecycle, helping them navigate the industry, innovate and redefine products and services, successfully commercialize products and services and optimize their businesses during all types of market environments. We provide industry insight and assist clients with growth planning  and value creation, partnerships, and mergers & acquisitions,  turnarounds and operational restructurings.


We create product and platform ideas, define product requirements, develop and launch products, and optimize portfolios.

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