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1 Source Network Solutions specializes in concept, design, and implementations for VoIP. We know and understand the issues and challenges for maintaining and upgrading your network facilities, and enabling VoIP and other digital media services. 


The staff at 1SNS was instrumental in directing a technical team and project professionals to design, engineer, deploy and maintain a next generation nationwide VoIP network for Clearwire’s US. Utilized Clearwire’s last mile advanced wireless broadband network based on G4 proprietary non-line-of-sight (NLOS) Orthogonal Frequency, Division Multiplexing, and OFDM technologies. 1SNS staff led the deployment of VoIP services in 34 markets (with in 350 metropolitan areas), covering more than 8.5 million households. Drove Clearwire’s hybrid network architecture re-design, resulting in 65% reduction of network deployment costs (positive impact on Free Cash Flow 2009) and providing a more robust network, enabling additional features and supporting fixed, portable and mobile service offerings (i.e., IMS, Mobile VoIP).


1 Source Network Solutions supports numerous VoIP services from integrators to enterprise systems. In today's fast-paced global business environment, people need to communicate and collaborate with each other quickly and effectively. VoIP will help streamline communications between people and organizations.  Unified Communications with VoIP will bring together e-mail, calendaring, voice mail, instant messaging, presence, VoIP, audio, video and Web conferencing.

We can provide nationwide platforms to - Simple VoIP Core Services:

  • The ONLY “Managed VoIP” Provider!

  • Full phone management includes monitoring of handsets, proactive ticketing and response to issues, advanced correlation with network and ISP events

  • Hosted VoIP for multi-location enterprise

  • Analytics by location

  • Features:

    • Unlimited Calling

    • Over 40 standard features available!

    • Auto-Attendant

    • Fax Offerings and much more!

Today's economic challenges and unstable markets, require corporations to take a hard look at controlling costs and maintaining a competitive edge.  By enabling your teams to connect quickly to the right resource regardless of location, you can leverage organizational strengths to grow your brand and profitability.  


VoIP helps organizations reduce operating costs and SG&A, increasing gross margins and EBITDA. It reduces travel, consolidates telecom and leverages IT, while enabling companies to improve business returns in a more manageable way.


1SNS has a proven methodology to connect People and Technology to help your organization realize the true benefits of VoIP with Unified Communications. The answer is never a single product/vendor but rather the seamless integration of existing and new capabilities. 


Our processes will help you navigate from proof of concept to design to deployment to support of your strategies. Including PBX integration with legacy platforms, maximize the return on your investment


Integrating Voice over IP solutions /video and telepresence voice mail and unified messaging /enterprise instant messaging /web collaboration and conferencing. The strength of our expertise with networks and network management will enable your organization to deploy a successful VoIP project.


Convergence of voice and data requires technologies to be mastered, measured, and monitored. 1 Source Network Solutions can deliver the ROI for your VoIP projects.


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