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At  1 Source Network Solutions we help companies analyze the potential impact of developing technologies like IP and craft proactive strategies for next-generation equipment.


Technology advances at a rapid pace and taking advantage of the latest technologies can provide your organization with a competitive advantage, better efficiencies, better productivity and ultimately lower costs. However, it’s important to make the right technology choices and that requires a combination of experience and expertise.


We can help to devise a strategic VoIP/IT plan for your business and recommend the most appropriate solutions.


Our Procurement Services help you find and purchase products at competitive prices or we can help you with finance and leasing options.


Lastly, we can help you implement solutions and execute your VoIP/IT strategy.


We have assisted with financial analysis and planning for numerous start-up broadband wi-max providers aimed at serving under developed rural areas.



¨ Market and Technology

¨ Feasibility Studies

¨ Demographic and Competitive Analysis

¨ Market Forecasting

¨ Business Optimization

¨ Turnaround and Restructuring Support

¨ Traffic Forecasting and Engineering

¨ Growth and Capacity Planning

¨ Business Case Development

¨ Venture Capital Acquisition Support

¨ Fiscal Planning

¨ Growth Planning

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