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1 Source Network Solutions knows that the key to success of an IT organization depends on the success of its network core infrastructure. Experienced in designing and implementing multi-layer networks. We can help your organization purchase high-performance network components that will add real value to your network. We will help you select advanced network components that not only improve bandwidth, but also improve thru-put, reliability, and manageability.


Many organizations have transitioned from traditional edge-routers to layer-3 core switches with caution because of the complexity, costs, and organizational limitations in designing and managing networks. Other key IT initiatives such as Voice-over-IP (VoIP), Wireless Networks (Wi-Fi), Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), and Storage Area Networks (SAN), must also be explored for successful deployment of network core designs.


1 Source Network Solutions can help your organization develop network transition plans that will minimize downtimes, improve cooperation between IT goals, and deliver the promised value-add of multi-layer switching. We will take the time to understand your network infrastructure goals, and deliver the right components at the right price. We reduce your costs to meet your budget goals by right-sizing the components, providing best in breed technology, giving you information for future expansion requirements.

Corporate IT Solutions Core Services:

  • Project Management

  • SDWAN Design and Deployment Services

    • VeloCloud, Vipetela, Meraki, Talari, Others….

  • Circuit Qualification, Provisioning and Installation

  • 24/7/365 – Network Management & Monitoring

A secure infrastructure begins with a secure network design. Who better to design your network securely and for maximum performance than consultants who have assessed and designed networks for clients all across the US.This service includes analyzing your current architecture and security products, assessing your current and future network needs, and complementing these with a comprehensive risk assessment exercise. These form the inputs that help design a robust, scalable, and secure network.


1 Source Network Solutions has the experience and expertise in all types of security management, reporting and firewall technology. We know that a comprehensive security review is required on an ongoing basis to keep up with current threats. Network security begins at the perimeter of the network, both internal connections (workstations) and external (WAN, Internet). Access-lists (ACL’s) at the edge-router are often difficult to manage and keep current. The new paradigm is that internal security and internal-firewalls are as important as the external firewalls and DMZ design.

1 Source Network Solutions selects and recommends network security products that can be deployed rapidly, enable web-based SSL management interfaces and support long-term scalable architectures.


We recommend multi-layer integrated switch solutions, depending on the deployment strategy that matches the organizational needs, we can take the stress of your organization by planning, designing, and implementing security components and processes.

1 Source Network Solutions also offers products, design, and support for key security components including:  



¨ Server Setup & Support

¨ WAN & VPN/VLAN Solutions

¨ Firewalls


¨ Disaster Recovery

¨ SIGTRAN/SIP/SIP-T Trunking (IAD’s)

¨ Proof of Concept Lab & Certification

¨ Network Distribution Design

¨ Wireless and Wireline Access Subsystems

¨ Metro Ethernet

¨ Service Distribution Design (Unbundled Network Elements)


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