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1 Source Network Solutions can help your business strategize, source and implement the best colocation solution for your business. Our primary goal is to ensure that you, our customer, receive the best possible solution that maps and scales to your business objectives.

1 Source Network Solutions is independent & can deliver multiple options

Will learn your business structure and goals

Will understand your IT infrastructure

Will determine the optimal colocation solution

Will research to source the optimal supplier

Will implement and support the selected solution

Stays on to handle all customer service and escalations

Becomes an integrated part of your organization’s ecosystem


Frees up space, budget, and capital expenditures

Flexible and scalable to accommodate your business needs

Provides fully redundant power and cooling

Meets auditing and compliancy needs

Flexible locations for production and disaster recovery workloads

Protects mission-critical data and systems with 24/7 security

Provides hybrid cloud options for ultimate flexibility

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